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After "  Sunrise  ", The musicians of the Guitario trio present their new album entitled"  VERY  ".


TRES, translate Three into Spanish, is an album that evokes the musical journey of three guitarists over the past 10 years. Mixing different styles of music and currents, this disc with Latin sounds makes the listener travel to Europe and America.


Composed of 11 covers, and an original composition, the album is illustrated by its sound density, its energy as well as the diversity of styles approached.  : film scores, international varieties, French song.

The music on this album, with a dreamlike state of mind, anchored in current music, borrows from Latin music and jazz.


Recorded mainly in trio with Sébastien Vasseur on lead guitar, Clément Vasseur on rhythm guitar and Jean Etienne Vasseur on bass guitar, the musicians of Guitario called on Anne-laure Brévier on vocals for two titles.


Like the two previous albums, this new disc gives a central place to the guitar, this time exploring Latin rhythms and musical arrangements carried by the technique and the unique colors of this instrument.

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